The Houston Philatelic Society Newsletter

"The Perforator"

The Perforator is the official Society Journal and is published quarterly.

The Perforator contains information about upcoming club meetings, members' interests, stamp shows in the area, recent exhibit winners, the latest news about the annual Greater Houston Stamp Show and other pertinent information about the Society's activities.

Annual dues to the Society include a subscription The Perforator.

Previous Issues

Previous Issues of The Perforator are available in .pdf format: 

Third Quarter 2013 Issue 

Fourth Quarter 2013 Issue

Fourth Quarter 2014 Issue

1st Quarter 2015 Issue
2nd Quarter 2015 Issue
3rd Quarter 2015 Issue
4th Quarter 2015 Issue
1st Quarter 2016 Issue
2nd Quarter 2016 Issue
3rd Quarter 2016 Issue